How the colors of Pride Month 2022 shone bright across online conversations

The LGBTQ+ community and its supporters turned to social platforms to celebrate in June: conversations using #pridemonth more than doubled since last year.

July 1, 2022

By Editorial Team

Commemorating the Stonewall Uprising of June 1969, a huge catalyst for the Gay Rights Movement in the United States, Pride Month has become a global celebration of diversity and inclusion.

This year, the participation of the LGBTQ+ community and its supporters centered around self-expression and creativity, sharing their pride-inspired looks and make-up, fan art and illustrations.

To understand user discussions about the celebration this year, and the most vocal Influencers within the LGBTQ+ community, Maven Road performed Social Listening and Audience Analysis. Data from the past three years was included as a benchmark and to track the evolution of the main conversation topics, as well as the most commonly used hashtags, such as #pridemonth.

What did users talk about? Who are the main Influencers for this audience? How did LGBTQ+ movies, TV shows, music and literature play a big part in online discussions? Why did some brands participating get backlash from the community?

Find out in our full report.



Laura Nariño 

Senior Brand Manager – Maven Road

Editorial Team

Paul Herrera is The Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder at Maven Road, bringing valuable knowledge in management, marketing, and data analysis. With an MBA and several years of experience in Canadian and American companies, Paul ensures a responsible and efficient operation throughout the process of developing reports.

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