Audience Insights.

The right message for the right market. Every time.

Understanding your Audience. One insight at a time.

The ability for us to obtain an interest-centric view of a specific audience and learn from their past and present online and social behavior; in order to have an accurate perception of their desires, aspirations and motivations. The most useful information in predicting future behavior, is past behavior. In depth demographic information and archetype building are just some of the ways we ensure clients are marketing their brand to a receptive audience.

How can having Audience Insights help me?

who follows you:

Complete analysis around follower mix of your owned channels regardless of platform.

your Audience Mix:

What is the audience mix that cares to talk about your brand or products? Are they a key target segment you are after? Our broad audience research will provide an in depth view of the segments that are talking about your brand as well as what are the conversation drivers.

Understand who Engages
with your content:

In depth analysis of audiences that are engaging with the content posted in your channels in order to measure content impact and efficiency.

Understand and compare
your Audience Across Channels:

If you possess two or more handles or would like to explore audience overlap; our cross channel audience analysis will provide you visibility in order to maximize content efficiency, and understand audience dynamics in intertwined social media ecosystems.