Services Offered

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We transform the unknown into business intelligence through expert use of technology.

From small, very niche studies to a whole cross-channels, mixed audience ones, we’re ready to tackle pretty much any kind of challenge you may have. We’re experts on bringing light into dark, unexplored corners of your data, finding meaning where there was apparent chaos.

What you need is not in this list? We’ve got you covered; just ask us about our Custom Research. We redefine the scope and depth of every report to ensure our clients are getting information that is not only personalized, but highly actionable. Information moves across digital and social media at the speed of light; our team has the agility and experience to keep you ahead of the curve, and up to speed in all areas surrounding your brand.

Audience Insights

Dive deep into audiences that are engaging with content related to your brand. Find out why audiences social behavior is an invaluable tool in developing market strategy.

PR Crisis Management and Measurement

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.

We work with clients to put in place safeguards that protect brand image from potentially damaging PR crises.

Social Media & Marketing Analytics

As experts in social listening, we allow clients to gain invaluable information based on social media: a global platform where interactions take place between over a billion interconnected users.

White Space Analysis

Look before you leap. Our baseline market research can help you gauge social and digital markets to determine focus and scope of marketing campaigns to put you on a path towards growth.