Crisis Management
PR Firm

A three pronged approach to cover you for any situation.

Prevent, analyze and manage PR events. Before, during and after they occur.

Process and protocol development which is essential for organizations to gauge scale; as well as measure and calculate the impact of internal and external crises that can harm an organization, its stakeholders, or the general public. Such data will allow organizations to enhance internal crisis management processes and measurement. Evaluating such events at the audience level allows the most advanced understanding of, as well as the most comprehensive method for, managing their potential impact.

How can having PR Crisis Management
and Measurement help me?

Social Media Based Alert
and Tracking:

We listen to the social media pulse around key areas that are important to your brand, company, or target users; and we provide real time alerts and actionable insights to trigger internal responses.

Pre - Post Crisis Analysis
and Measurement:

We take a different approach to Crisis understanding and continuous learning. Based on the impact of similar past incidents, we will analyze the latency and lifespan around any critical current incident and provide you a thorough readout of the real impact, and insights around the users that drove discussion.