Maven Road partners with Zignal Labs to enhance usage of Social Media Analytics

October 25, 2019

By Paul Herrera

What a week! We’re excited to share that a few days ago we had the pleasure of signing a partnership with Zignal Labs to join its exclusive Network Partner Program. Apart from us, initial members of Zignal’s Partner Program include impressive firms like Brain+Trust Partners, CARMA, Pramana Collective, The Public Good Projects, TextOre and Trust Insights.

This partnership definitely marks a milestone at our firm and validates our vision for the next phase of social media analytics. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to complement and enhance Zignal Labs’ powerful platform by providing highly specialized consulting to its world-class client base.

We will be heavily focused on social media-based audience mapping, network analyses of social media ecosystems / communities, predictive analytics, the integration of social media-based KPIs with organizational KPIs and crisis measurement.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible 70+ colleagues in our home offices and around the world. We pride ourselves on having the best and the brightest in data science, sociology/anthropology, IT, and business analysis on our team, and we know that what the company has achieved is only possible because of your dedication, expertise and support! Thanks for all you do!!

I would also like to thank our clients, partners and stakeholders for putting their faith in us and continually encouraging us to push boundaries and explore new solutions. Thank you for challenging us day in and day out!


Paul Herrera

Paul Herrera is The Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder at Maven Road, bringing valuable knowledge in management, marketing, and data analysis. With an MBA and several years of experience in Canadian and American companies, Paul ensures a responsible and efficient operation throughout the process of developing reports.

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