Maven Road’s commitment to GDPR and user’s privacy

On Maven Road, ethics is a priority. We understand the importance of not betraying the trust of users who introduce their private information on social platforms.

June 5, 2018

By Paul Herrera

As a company that deals with data on a regular basis, Maven Road complies with all regulations and legal boundaries accordingly. We understand the power and responsibility that comes with obtaining such data, and we respect individuals rights to privacy. This is why we have taken direct action in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
To deliver our marketing products, we collect some basic user data; this usually is your username, handle or user id. In addition to using this publicly shared information, we make inferences on user habits and tendencies to help us visualize behavior trends and demographic information; which could include race/ethnicity, political opinions, religious beliefs, etc. We only use information that has been provided by users, which derives from the consent users give to third party social media platforms; all our research and data usage is done with the strictest adherence to legal and moral guidelines. Our delivered products do not contain any personal identifiable user information; data is collected, analyzed, and presented to understand the aggregate behaviors of an audience.
In order to collect personal data from EU residents, a company must have a legal reason to do so. We’ve outlined our legal basis based on the personal data we process: Customer Data is collected for the sole purpose of our contractual client obligation to gather data. Personal data is involved in the production of our projects; our legal basis is that data is public (Art. 9 Paragraph 2, e.), and there’s no conflict with the data subject’s rights.
If you want to know more information about what we are currently doing to comply with GDPR and other ways we protect your privacy, please direct your concerns to privacy@mavenroad.com.

Paul Herrera

Paul Herrera is The Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder at Maven Road, bringing valuable knowledge in management, marketing, and data analysis. With an MBA and several years of experience in Canadian and American companies, Paul ensures a responsible and efficient operation throughout the process of developing reports.

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